Use Premium Fast Support For SMS Alerts

Now, you no longer have to wait for long for your ticket status updates, You can sms your account manager's cell phone directly and they will get in touch with the customer support team internally and update you on your ticket status. 

This feature is useful if your ticket took more than usual to be resolved and you want your account manager to be involved directly. Please use it at your discretion. The account manager and the support shift supervisor will get an sms with your ticket number. There is an option to get alerted yourself if you provide your cell phone number in the form.

To access Premium Fast Support, Login to your account -> Click to "Tickets" from the main menu -> scroll down to "Average First Response" side menu -> click on "Premium Fast Support"

Now, fill the form with your ticket number, additional details, and your cell phone number if you wish to receive sms updates, and you are done.